Private Pottery Lessons & Pottery Making Instruction

private pottery lessons & pottery wheel classes
Stephen in Florida

Private Pottery Lessons & Pottery Wheel Classes from The World Pottery Institute Come To You

Stephen Jepson

The World Pottery Institute

A Beautiful pottery studio

The pottery studio at the world pottery Institute is nestled in a beautiful wooded area in Geneva Florida. Many students have enjoyed years of pottery wheel classes at my ceramic studio. Now that instruction is available online for immediate access.

private pottery lessons & pottery wheel classes

Private pottery lessons & pottery wheel classes are available one on one with Stephen. Please inquire here for his availability. See what others have to say about in class experiences.

ceramic studio & ceramic class available

Ceramic studio and ceramic class now available online, and one on one instruction with Stephen. His availability for personal pottery instruction.

For years students came from all around the world to study with me at my school, “The World Pottery Institute”.  The ceramic studio has seen many on their way to improving their pottery skills.

Private Pottery Lessons

Private pottery lessons available through personal training from Stephen.  I offer one-on-one pottery instruction tailored to the needs of each student and held at the student’s personal studio.  My ceramic classes can now be in your home. When we conduct ceramic class together, the benefits are strikingly amazing.

You can now have private pottery lessons with Stephen one on one.

I have found that I can help them make remarkable progress in a very short period of time under those circumstances.  Your pottery studio will come alive at home.  Your home can be the perfect ceramic studio for learning and creativity.

Not only am I able to help them with their throwing skills but I am able to suggest changes that contribute to the efficiency and flow of work in their shop.

Online pottery wheel classes & ceramic class

My instructional pottery classes are now available for purchase online. After purchase, the videos are accessible immediately for download. You will be able to install the videos on all of your devices, so you can view them at your convenience anytime, and enjoy unlimited access.

Pottery class and pottery wheel classes can come alive in your home.  My online videos are the best way to have a ceramic studio in your home. When we conduct ceramics class, we will focus on your specific needs. Your home will be your ultimate pottery studio.

My Pottery Services:

  • The Best Pottery Class & Classes
  • Private Pottery Lessons with Stephen
  • The Best Craft Courses & Craft Classes
  •  A Stellar Ceramic Class Everytime
  • The Best Pottery Instructional Videos Anywhere

Please visit My Pottery Video Studio.

I am also available for one on one pottery instruction.

Glazing And Firing Educational Pottery Video Preview:

pottery wheel classes
Stephen at The World Pottery Institute Geneva Florida

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ceramic studio & ceramic class
Stephen With His Student At The World Pottery Institute

My Instructional Pottery Classes One on One

Private Pottery Lessons (one on one) class instruction are available. Please inquire here for my class schedule availability.

More on The World Pottery Institute

Whether you have only begun to work with clay and need help with basic pottery throwing skills, or have years of experience and want to reach higher technical and artistic standards, an intensive course with Master Potter Stephen Jepson can help you achieve your goals.  The pottery wheel classes & clay classes featured are some of the best anywhere.

The central focus is on throwing. Beginners learn basics through a disciplined step-by-step system, and experienced students improve their techniques through more demanding projects.

Of course, many of my students have considered a week of individualized attention priceless.

But actually it is very affordable and often is more economical for the student than actually traveling to attend group instruction. Please Contact Me for pricing & availability.

Please feel free to Connect With Me me for a price quote, or any other questions you might have regarding my teaching.

ceramic studio ceramic class
pottery glaze types

I have used your video as both introduction and backups. It's well-organized - easy to understand - clearly presented and non-threatening to the beginners.

Hana Metzger Instructor

Cuzahoga Community College, Highland Hills, Cleveland, Ohio

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