The Clay Collection Of Pottery

The video features a stoneware collection, and ceramic platters. The Collection include talavera pottery, Mexican pottery (some examples). Does the video have a  beautiful ceramic vase? ceramic planters?  Yes!, and more…

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stoneware collection & ceramic platters feature...

In the video are A beautiful Stoneware Collection & Ceramic Platters. Talavera Pottery, Mexican Pottery (some examples) are featured. A Ceramic Vase & Ceramic Planters are also featured. There are many examples of several different items covered well.

For a more basic throwing class, I recommend my video Introduction To Throwing Pottery

The Clay Collection is a collection of 120 beautiful and unusual pieces including stoneware, porcelain, salt-fired, wood-fired, once-fired, luster ware, earthenware, table ware, Raku, art pottery, funky pottery, tea pots,
covered jars, pitchers and platters. Some history and lots of fun – a
wonderful resource for ideas. Some antique pieces – many pieces by
renowned clay workers. Some of my views on arts and craft…

60 minutes Digital Video.

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in the video ~ A beautiful stoneware collection featured & more...

ceramic vase & ceramic planters

stoneware collection talavera pottery
A Collection from Jepson Pottery

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stoneware collection

I have to teach 3 levels of ceramics at once and it's as if I had an assistant in the classroom!

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