The Clay Collection Of Pottery

The Clay Collection is a collection of 120 beautiful and unusual pieces including stoneware, porcelain, salt-fired, wood-fired, once-fired, luster ware,
earthenware, table ware, Raku, art pottery, funky pottery, tea pots,
covered jars, pitchers and platters. Some history and lots of fun – a
wonderful resource for ideas. Some antique pieces – many pieces by
renowned clay workers. Some of my views on arts and craft…

60 minutes Digital Video.

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This course is an excellent course in learning the techniques for successful pottery making.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic:

I hope you and your families are safe.  During this time when many of us are forced to stay home, my educational & instructional pottery making video series is the perfect stay home activity.  Learn pottery making techniques, spend time with other family members, and learn to create beautiful pottery.  So much fun for the entire family.

More Educational & Instructional Pottery Making Videos.

Videos From My Series Include:

throwing terracotta pots

I have to teach 3 levels of ceramics at once and it's as if I had an assistant in the classroom!

Hannah Metzger

Instructor, Cuzahoga Community College, Highland Hills, Cleveland, Ohio

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