Pottery Decoration Traditional Techniques Instructional Video

This video can go up against any ceramics online class.  After learning to make beautiful pottery with my other instructional videos, you can learn the best decorating techniques.  Video Clip:

My instructional videos are the best ceramics online courses available. The video “Pottery Decoration Traditional Techniques” includes incising and carving, in addition to, making stamps, and decoration. My decoration video includes techniques in slip trailing, sgraffito and inlay, wax resist, and marbled and mosaic patterns. You will really enjoy.

Based on his book Pottery Decoration Traditional Techniques, Mr. Tom Shafer shows you how to use a variety of decorating techniques with demonstrations and examples from the work of many different potters.  The video features: Incising and carving, Using and making stamps, added decoration, slip trailing, sgraffito and inlay, wax resist, marbled and mosaic patterns and more.

74 Minutes Digital Video

Pottery Decoration Traditional Techniques
Clay Collection from Jepson Pottery

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This course is an excellent course in learning the techniques for successful pottery making.

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I went from just barely being able to throw a lop-sided dog dish to turning out beautiful cylinders, bowls, and cups—-all in the space of one very full week. He was quick to share his ideas, tools, videos, custom equipment and tips that only years of working with clay and the pottery industry could accumulate.


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Pottery Decoration Traditional Techniques
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