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My video will teach you how to do it. Learn & use different materials. You learn how to build a pottery kiln in no time. Learning how to build an outdoor kiln & how to build a brick kiln is exactly what you’re going to learn in this fantastic video.

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KILN Building.   A straight forward solution to building a 20 to 100 cubic foot and larger down draft, walk-in, car, sprung arch kiln suitable for firing
earthen ware, white ware, stoneware, porcelain and bisque – Fires to
cone 12. I have been designing, building and firing kilns for myself
and others for 40 years. Includes: How to build your own atmospheric
burners, how to build oil burners, how to construct an arch form, and
safety considerations. You can produce a kiln that you can fine tune
and tweak to give beautifully finished pottery. I cannot come close to
describing the joy that awaits you – the Christmas-like sensation of
opening a kiln you have built and fired yourself…

60 Minutes Digital Video.

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how to make a kiln & how to build a kiln
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My video on the subject shows how. Many methods are covered in the video, and in addition to you’ll enjoy it along the way.

For a more basic throwing class, I recommend my video Introduction To Throwing Pottery

where was the 1st pottery kiln discovered?

Where was the 1st pottery kiln discovered?


The oldest evidence of pottery manufacture has been found at an archaeological site known as Odai Yamamoto, in Japan, where fragments from a specific vessel have been dated to about 16,500-14,920 years ago.

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It is my experienced opinion that your pottery will simply be more fun for you after having Stephen's competent instruction. It's your time; I recommend you use it wisely.

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