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Hand Building, and Hand Building Pottery Class have never been more fun. Hand Building Pottery Ideas & Hand Building Clay are featured here in the video. Learn Hand Building Pottery for Beginners with My Video. Your Ceramic Studio is waiting. My videos are the perfect Kids Pottery Class too. Hand Building Pottery is enjoyed by many, please give it a try, you will learn so much, and really enjoy it. Video Clip:

Hand Building Instructional Pottery Video.

My Introduction To Hand Building Instructional Pottery Video.  The course can help you with making clay bowls.  It can give you some  pottery making ideas.  Making pottery at home have never been so much fun.  I believe my hand building pottery classes are some of the best.

Hand building clay pottery ideas, hand building clay, and hand building pottery for beginners are covered.

A clear, concise description of a variety of basic procedures and
techniques.  The Video features a range of design questions.  It shows many
finished examples by a number of ceramic designers. You will see how to make decorative stamps including Roll Stamps, Pinch Pots, Coil Pots,
Slab Construction (Building a candle stick), Cylinders, Salt
Cellars, Mugs, Vases, Use of Press Molds & Hump Molds.  Also learn  how to make a Plaster Press Mold.  It features suggestions for other products, and more…

80 Minutes Digital Video.  Available for immediate access after purchase.

hand building pottery for beginners
Jepson Pottery Mugs by Stephen Jepson

What Is Hand Building?

Handbuilding is an ancient pottery-making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel, using the hands, fingers, and simple tools. The most common handbuilding techniques are pinch pottery, coil building, and slab building.

How do I make a pinch pot?

To make a pinch pot, one inserts a thumb into a ball of clay and continually pinches the the clay between the thumb and fingers while rotating to thin out and raise the height of the vessel. Pinching can deliver a pleasingly organic look, but can also yield beautiful, refined results.

What is coil building?

Coil building is a forming method that uses ropelike coils of plastic clay, assembled in successive courses to build up wall of vessel or sculpture.

What is the slab technique?

The slab technique starts with smooth slabs of clay that are then formed around molds or shaped by hand. Although it can be used to create many of the same shapes that are achievable on a wheel, slab building also allows the potter to create more angular shapes that are more challenging to make on a wheel.


In becoming more creative, you can use many different hand building techniques.  My videos give step-by-step instructions on how to master mini hand building techniques.

Are you looking for a hand building pottery for beginners course?  I recommend Intro To Hand Building.


hand building pottery ideas for beginners

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I am so happy that someone has finally stated plainly some clear cut steps for beginning potters. My pottery has definitely improved since I watched your view. I’ve lent it to several people in my class and they had visible improvement in their work as well.

Carrie Anderson

Kingsington Connecticut

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