How To Throw Large Pots

This video covers how to throw large pots. Throwing terracotta pots and throwing a large planter can be accomplished with the mini techniques in this video. Centering large amounts of clay on a potters wheel is important, and is included in my series. How to make terracotta pots at home has never been easier. My instructional pottery video series is sure to please even the most difficult students. Video Clip:

Learn To Throw Large Pots.
Start or Improve Throwing Terracotta Pots.
Throwing A Large Planter.
How To Make Terracotta Pots At Home.
Centering Large Amounts Of Clay.

In this Video, learn to:

How To Throw Large Pots. You Can Start Throwing Terracotta Pots. Throwing A Large Planter has never been easier.  How To Make Terracotta Pots At Home. You will be Centering Large Amounts Of Clay in no time.

For sure, my pottery making video series will instruct, inspire, and motivate you to make beautiful pottery.

My How To Throw Large Pots Educational Video:

The video features Stephen Jepson, and Danish National Throwing Champion, and USA Olympic Throwing medalist, Bill Gossman. This video will show you how to make pots up to 4 feet tall and platters over 3 feet wide.

The video has a lot of close-ups.  It clearly show techniques to help you center and throw large amounts of clay.  Learn to make large pots from pre-thrown sections, and to use the coil and throw method, and with which you can make pots whose size is limited only by your ability to move and fire them.

79 Minutes Digital Video.

ceramic vase
A Teapot by Stephen Jepson made in 1995.

Learn to:

  • Throw Large Pots.
  • Throwing Terracotta Pots.
  • Throwing A Large Planter.
  • How To Make Terracotta Pots At Home.
  • Centering Large Amounts Of Clay.

centering large amounts of clay

Did You Know?

The first known use of terra-cotta was in 1722.

Definition of terra-cotta:

  • 1a glazed or unglazed fired clay used especially for statuettes and vases and architectural purposes (as for roofing, facing, and relief ornamentation)also something made of this material.
  • 2a brownish orange.

Courtesy: Merriam-Webster

“terra-cotta,” Dictionary,

How is terracotta made?

Terracotta is usually made from a fairly coarse, porous type of clay. This is first shaped (or sculpted), then fired until hard. Baked terracotta is not watertight, a layer of glaze is required for this. Sometimes recycled terracotta (“grog”) is mixed with fresh clay to make a new batch of the material.

Where does terra cotta clay come from?

Terracotta, terra cotta or terra-cotta (pronounced [ˌtɛrraˈkɔtta]; Italian: “baked earth”, from the Latin terra cocta), a type of earthenware, is a clay-based unglazed or glazed ceramic, where the fired body is porous.

What does the color terracotta look like?

Terracotta is typically brownish red in colour but there are variations that extend to beige/green and grey/black. Terracotta is a fired clay (can be baked in the sun or fired in a kiln). Terracotta is porous (absorbs water) and easily scratched.

Is Terracotta good for health?

Terracotta Cazuela

They are safe for cooking on the stove, over a fire, in the oven, and in the microwave. Cazuelas are suitable for roasting and baking, as well as for making soups, stews, and other slow-cooked dishes. Its insulating properties keep food hot for a long time.

How strong is Terracotta?

Terracotta is a strong, durable material that is also naturally resistant to mold and bacteria. These tiles can last for decades when they’re installed properly! Because they are naturally porous, these tiles should be professionally sealed to hold up against stains, scratches, and moisture.

Is Terracotta eco friendly?

Clay pots are an aid to Eco-friendly surroundings. Since these pots are easily broken, they can reuse as the base upon which new pots can be kept. The most important utility of terracotta related products is its biodegradable property. Once unused, they automatically decompose not to create any harmful effects.

What is the main ingredient of terracotta?

Terracotta is a type of ceramic pottery. It’s used to make many flower pots. Terracotta is also often used for pipes, bricks, and sculptures. Terracotta pottery is made by baking terracotta clay.

What is the difference between terracotta and clay pots?

So, the main difference between terracotta and clay cookware is the rawness & purity of the material. Pure Clay pots and pans are made from pure, raw material, while terracotta vessels are refined in one way or another.


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I have used your video as both introduction and backups. It's well-organized - easy to understand - clearly presented and non-threatening to the beginners. This is the area - beginner's wheel work that is so difficult to explain in one class and your video is available all the time for the students.

Hannah Metzger

Instructor, Cuzahoga Community College, Highland Hills, Cleveland, Ohio

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