Glazing And Firing Educational Pottery Video

Glazing And Firing Includes:

Preparing greenware for bisque, loading electric and gas
bisque, firing electric and gas bisque; waxing, glaze mixing, glazing
by dipping, pouring and spraying; glaze testing, decorative glaze
techniques, loading a glaze kiln and glaze firing; Finishing fired ware
and much more…

106 minutes Digital Video

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This course is an excellent course in learning the techniques for successful pottery making.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic:

I hope you and your families are safe.  During this time when many of us are forced to stay home, my educational & instructional pottery making video series is the perfect stay home activity.  Learn pottery making techniques, spend time with other family members, and learn to create beautiful pottery.  So much fun for the entire family.

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Videos From My Series Include:

Stephen Jepson took me back to the beginning of throwing on the wheel much to my hesitation, but I learned the Jepson way to throw and it is much better and makes great sense for throwing any type of pottery.

Don Fethkenher

College Professor

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