Advanced Throwing Projects And Techniques Video

Advanced Throwing Pottery Techniques & Wheel Techniques are Covered. Wheel Thrown Pottery Techniques & Wheel Throwing Basics are covered as well. Wheel throwing exercises are featured throughout my videos.

In my “Advanced Throwing Projects And Techniques” Educational Video, we cover advanced throwing pottery techniques as well as wheel thrown pottery techniques. Wheel throwing basics, and wheel throwing exercises are featured.  For a more basic throwing class, I recommend my video Introduction To Throwing Pottery

Advanced Throwing Projects And Techniques Video

Includes:  Fast Paced but packed with lots of information including many examples of finished work by several potters. Includes: Bottles & closed forms, covered jars and casseroles, simple ways to get lids to fit, 6 different kinds of lids, faceting & cutting, solutions to goblet
production, throwing off the hump, making and assembling parts of tea
pots, donuts, learn how to tap on center in 40 minutes and a lot more.

85 minutes Digital Video

wheel thrown pottery techniques

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This course is an excellent course in learning the techniques for successful pottery making.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic:

I hope you and your families are safe.  During this time when many of us are forced to stay home, my educational & instructional pottery making video series is the perfect stay home activity.  Learn pottery making techniques, spend time with other family members, and learn to create beautiful pottery.  So much fun for the entire family.

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Videos From My Series Include:

I just ordered five more of your wonderful videos after watching your Introduction to Throwing video. I have bought books and more books; they helped some and were “mind informative”, but not “hands informative”. Your video made all the difference.

Vicki Kohl

Richmond VA

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