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KILN Building Pottery Video


KILN Building Pottery Video

60 minutes

Educational and informative instructional videos on pottery making techniques.

KILN Building Pottery Instructional & Educational Video Preview

Learn how to build a wood kiln. You can learn how to make a wood kiln, with my video. I want to know how to make a pottery kiln, this video is perfect for you.

A straight forward solution to building a 20 to 100 cubic foot and
larger down draft, walk-in, car, sprung arch kiln suitable for firing
earthen ware, white ware, stoneware, porcelain and bisque – Fires to
cone 12. I have been designing, building and firing kilns for myself
and others for 40 years. Includes: How to build your own atmospheric
burners, how to build oil burners, how to construct an arch form, and
safety considerations. You can produce a kiln that you can fine tune
and tweak to give beautifully finished pottery. I cannot come close to
describing the joy that awaits you – the Christmas-like sensation of
opening a kiln you have built and fired yourself…

60 minutes

What is a raku kiln?

A Raku Kiln is usually a small kiln, and used to get your pots up to temperature (around 1800F) as quickly, and is easy to open to get your pots out quick.

What is a vacuum kiln?

A vacuum kiln will remove air pressure from the equation pretty much completely.

Can I learn how to build a vacuum kiln for wood?




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