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Introduction To Throwing


Throwing with my video will get you going right away.  You will feel at ease with my techniques.  Making ceramics is very rewarding & fun.  My video series is sure to inspire.

Covered in this Video:

Throwing Pottery- Throwing Pottery Techniques- Wheel Throwing Basics- Wheel Throwing Techniques- Wheel Throwing Exercises. More…

Educational instructional Pottery Video Training – Introduction To Throwing 53 min.

Items Covered, Throwing Pottery- Throwing Pottery Techniques- Wheel Throwing Basics- Wheel Throwing Techniques- Wheel Throwing  Exercises. Get Started Now!  Throwing Pottery has never been so much fun.

Introduction To Throwing Video Preview

Introduction to Throwing has helped thousands improve their throwing
skills. The video begins with the basics of centering, opening, and
pulling up a wall, then progresses step by step through more complex
techniques. You will learn to throw plates, platters, saucers, mugs,
cups, bowls, pitchers, how to trim, pull handles, make spouts and more.
I cannot make you a master potter in two weeks, but this video will
show you the basics in a way you can understand and assimilate. If you
are thinking of beginning, this video will start you right; if you have
tried with little success, it will change your experience. If you think
you are already pretty good, it will make you better; if you are only
interested in learning about the process, it will be fascinating.
53 minutes. Digital Video

pottery throwing techniques & wheel throwing basics


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