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Award Winning Pottery Instructional Videos from Stephen Jepson

Looking for the best place for an online pottery class, and pottery classes? You will find it at my online pottery studio. The craft courses, and craft classes featured in my videos are absolutely the best available. My pottery studio can now be in your living room, because all of my instructional pottery videos are now available online here. The videos are available for immediate access after purchase. The pottery videos featured here were made at my ceramic studio. Ceramic classes have never been easier to start than now.  To get started, please  Visit The Video Shop.

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Here are The Best Pottery Classes.  Craft Courses & Craft Classes.  This is The Best Pottery Studio.  Get started with The Best Pottery Instructional Videos.  Videos are Available for Immediate Access After Purchase.

You Have Found:
The Best Pottery Classes
Stellar Craft Courses & Craft Classes
The Best Pottery Instructional Videos

Jepson Pottery was Founded by Stephen Jepson in 1971

Stephen Jepson received his MFA in ceramics from Alfred University in 1971. In the same year he established his studio, Jepson Pottery, in Geneva, Florida. Jepson Pottery concentrated on decorative accessories and functional ware for cooking and serving. From simple earthy stoneware mugs to elegant, richly decorated porcelain plates and vases, everything was designed with function in mind to be not only beautiful, but a pleasure to use. 

More About Stephen

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My Instructional Pottery Videos

Have FUN while learning FAST with this EASY proven series of 9 instructional pottery videos.

These highly acclaimed videos are based on years of potting and teaching experience:

Stephen Jepson has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, started the ceramics department of a major university and has trained students from all over the world in his exclusive techniques.

Whether you are a beginner or are an experienced potter eager to expand your skills there is a video here for you.

The Series Includes:

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Pottery Class Courses Online

I have spent years developing my instructional pottery courses. They can now be purchased and access immediately online.

My Website Features:

  • The Best Pottery Class & Classes
  • Wonderful Craft Courses & Craft Classes
  • The Best Pottery Instructional Videos Anywhere

Please visit my pottery video studio.
The best ceramics class &
ceramic classes.
My ceramic studio “The World Pottery Institute” is featured here.


Happy Client's Reviews

I am so happy that someone has finally stated plainly some clear cut steps for beginning potters. Center, open, set bottom, raise wall, compress rim. Pottery has never been so logical. My pottery has definitely improved since I watched your tape. I've lent it to several people in my class and they had visible improvement in their work also. You're also the first instructor who told me what tools I need and what they are used for. Thank you for all your help! I'm anxiously waiting for my next tape.
Carrie Anderson, Kensington CT
Happy Client
Jepson is a patient and confidence-inspiring teacher, and his innate love of the clay medium is obvious. These videos are appropriate for both institutional and public library video collections, and should appeal to artisans high school age and up.
ABC Clio Rating Guide for Libraries with Video Librarian
Designed to Move is the title of my new book following up on Sitting Kills Moving Heals. Thank you Stephen for being such a fan. It’s mutual of course. Designed to move gets into the mechanics of optimal motion. We are designed to be perpetual motion machines –cannot think of anyone other than you who better fits this description — that need to use frequent, low to moderate, not high, intensity movement as a tuning fork throughout our waking hours, — ping, ping, ping, on and off. Untuned we are like a piano that has dried out. That’s us., we shrivel and die..
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Designed To Move

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